Music magic

You don’t really need to understand a piece of music in order to enjoy it, shake your body to it, and fall in love with it. That is the magic of music – it is not bound by language. I have always felt so, and this post of Visha’s only served to reaffirm my faith in this belief. She had listed a couple of songs that she doesn’t understand fully, but still loves due to the feelings they invoke in her. I gave them a hear too, and loved a couple of them too, in spite of the fact that I didn’t understand them, too.

Over the years, I have heard several such songs and liked them enough to play repeatedly. Here is my list:

1.         Ekla cholo re

I am a big, big, big fan of the lyrics. They are so full of meaning, and so very inspiring. A wonderful hear! I love the rendition of Ekla cholo re in Kahaani, too. Big B’s baritone makes the song all the more richer.

2.         Teri looni looni si

I liked this Punjabi song the instant I heard it, while watching Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. Very sweet, very melodious.

3.          Habibi dah

I love the slow, seductive tone of Arabic songs – well, in case of most of them. Arabic music is no stranger to Bollywood and Hindi music videos. I don’t know how I first came upon this song – a mix of Hindi and Arabic – but I can say it has been a favourite for quite a few years.

4.         Las ketchup

I first heard The Ketchup Song when I was in college, and loved its swaying, gay, peppy tone. I don’t understand one word of this Spanish song, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing it several times over since I first discovered it.

5.         Contradanza

I don’t ‘get’ instrumental music the way some people do. This piece of violin music, however, speaks to me like no other. It is super happy and chirpy, and never fails to uplift my spirits whenever I listen to it.

6.         Holiya mein ude re gulaal

This song used to be a regular at our school dance programmes, and I always loved its fast beats. I am confused about whether it is Bhojpuri or Rajasthani.

7.         Anjan ki sitti

This girl pointed me to this song only recently, and it was an instant hit with the OH and me. I love the image this sweetly sung Rajasthani folk song conjures up in my mind – that of a shy Rajasthani village belle travelling for the first time on a train (to meet her beloved?), scared, but excited.

8.         Gangnam style

I am sure Gangnam style needs no introduction. After all, the song was all the rage in 2012. I am not a fan of the dance in the video or Psy’s antics, but I somehow like listening to this song again and again. Maybe, again, it is the peppiness of it!

9.         Waka waka

No, I am not a great lover of football or anything – in fact, I hardly follow sports – but this song has been a part of my life since 2010. I love the video, too, just as much as the song. This one for Africa!

10.       Macarena

Macarena, again, is no stranger to Hindi film music. While I do like those Hindi adaptations, I like this original version even better.

Do share your thoughts about these songs, too.

Do you have any such songs on your playlist, ones you do not understand, but still love hearing? Please share the links in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Music magic

  1. Music is the spice of life. It is life for me. While there have been many songs that have stayed with me over the years, our national anthem evokes very powerful feelings in me. As does Gregorian chants or the Rudram in temples. Then I also have songs that come and go, like the Anjan ki seeti… one.


    1. @Sudhagee

      Music is the spice of life, true. Sometimes, I absolutely forget to infuse a little bit of it into my life, though. 😦 I have been trying to bring back the magic of music into my life of late. 🙂


  2. I actually like Waka Waka..the holiya song is till a regular in school go figure! R’s class danced on that one *rolls eyes*

    I hated the Gangnam style..but hey I am the only one in the world to hate it :):)

    Nice mix eh?


    1. @R’s Mom

      I like Waka Waka, too. 🙂

      Like I said, I am not a big fan of Psy, but I liked the peppiness of Gangnam style, the utter silliness of it, too. 🙂

      Holiya mein is still a favourite in schools? 😮


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