24 thoughts on “Day 25: Floored

  1. So cute!! I love yellow colour..And the chappal looks very cute :)..Hey btw, next time you take up a photo challenge you are telling me..This one looks so interesting..


    1. @R’s Mom

      RM, that has to be the joke of the century. I have HUGE feet, just like the rest of me. 😛 I have often resorted to finding shoes/slippers for myself in the gents’ section, having unsuccessfully sorted through the extremely dainty ones in the ladies’ section.


      1. Gah! you cant beat me..I have flat feet + huge feet, I should take a pic and put it on the blog someday gah! again!

        I get my size only in bata can you believe that?

        Waise, you clicked the picture nice then..they do look small to me from here..blame it on my bad eyes 🙂


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