Day 23: Haathi chaap

The July Photo-a-Day prompt tells me to put up today, on my blog, the picture of something I drew. Well, I haven’t really drawn anything worthwhile after school. I do draw squiggles and different forms of my signature on the last pages of the notebooks I use, though. This prompt had me stumped, because none of those squiggles is worth putting up – that is, if I do not want to scare away the blog readers I have. 🙂

So, for today, I decided to present to you ‘Haathi chaap’, something that I learnt to draw way back in school. It is one of the few things I draw that actually resembles what it is supposed to resemble. 😀

Here goes.

You’ll come back here to read me, no? Pretty please. 🙂


Title courtesy: Haathi chaap masalas, products whose advertisements I have grown up hearing and seeing.

20 thoughts on “Day 23: Haathi chaap

  1. I love this Haathi pose. It was first introduced to me by the sister. I still ask her to draw it sometimes.

    Totally loved this TNGD. Thanks for bringing back some nice memories 🙂


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