16 thoughts on “Day 19: Covered by ivy

  1. This looks like it’s straight out of an old English novel. I’d definitely like to live there too, even if only for a few days’ time. I wonder one more thing, apart from keeping the insects at bay….what about mice?? They’re known to clamber up vines like these and enter through windows or ventilation shafts.


    1. @Vivienne

      Honestly speaking, the whole of Fort Kochi seems out of some old book. The place seems to be stuck in time. 🙂

      Yikes! I hadn’t given much thought to the mice and other insects when I saw this building.


      1. @Swaram

        Yes, I am aware ivy is used for decorating walls and houses, particularly in foreign countries. I have read about it in a lot of books. This is the first time I got to see it in person. 🙂

        I wonder, like Priya, though – how do they keep the insects away?


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