Day 18: Landlines… going…. going… gone?

So, the last telegram in India was sent out on July 15, signalling the end of an era. The telegram service might have been available in India for 150-plus years but, as a mode of communication, it had already died much before July 15. While we were busy using faster means to communicate, like mobile phones and e-mails, the telegram was taking its last breaths.

I remember my parents receiving and sending telegrams on various occasions, happy and sad, but I have never personally received or sent one. That said, the official closing down of the system did make me sad. My children will never even see a telegram, I suppose, except maybe on the internet.

Inland letters, postcards and landlines are other modes of communication on the verge of getting extinct, I feel. I don’t know of anyone who really writes letters these days, like people used to earlier. The few who do write them only now and then, just for the sake of nostalgia. I know of many families who do not use a landline at all, relying entirely on the more convenient mobile phones for communication.

When I saw today’s prompt for the July Photo-a-Day Challenge, ‘numbers’, I immediately knew I wanted to take a picture of the landline at our house, for the sake of posterity. Who knows when it might leave us?

18 thoughts on “Day 18: Landlines… going…. going… gone?

  1. Nostalgia!! I remember randomly calling strangers, because I used to love rotating those numbers! Remember the archaic telephones!! With the rotating thing! =)


  2. Your post transported me to good old days!!! U know I & bro used to fight over who would take the call!!! I was even injured in one such attempt. 😀


  3. I haven’t sent or received one but yeah, I miss them in a funny way too. I hope letters don’t ever perish like that 😦
    Landlines are so close to my heart – Please never go away landline! You are always the boss when it comes to clarity and cuteness.

    One of my friends got a telegram as a gift for her b’day recently 😛 So cute!


  4. For me, Telegram was always associated with something sad. I still remember amma crying at the doorstep having received a telegram on one of your close relatives passing away. I have dreaded the word telegram like anything. There were greetings that came with Telegram too, but somehow its not the first thought that comes to my mind. I made me a lot sad to see those services getting stopped. And as you said, landlines, postcards and inland letters would be soon extinct. I have few postcards and inland letters that treasure. Hope I can show them to my kids.

    I remember having to write letters in one section of English paper. We were asked to draw postcards/in-land letters also as a part of it. I wonder what would the future kids do. Probably draw a laptop screen or mobile screen?


  5. Hey, bang on! One can never know when the famous land line will go out of fashion. I have also never received telegram and so don’t know the sheer joy of holding the letter in one’s hand. btw, love the new design of ur blog:)


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