Day 6: The ‘baby’ smell

Over the years, babies in our family have been generously slathered with Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil, cream and powder. As much as the babies loved this, I am sure the elders in the family too enjoyed the process. After all, the products smell so good!

I have come to love the smell of a freshly bathed baby who has been given a generous coating of these products. I can’t get enough of that ‘baby smell’. I am known to sneak bottles of the cream, oil and powder into our cart whenever we are out shopping. The OH pretends to make eyes at me, but later, we usually end up arguing over who uses them the most! 😀

It was rather disheartening for me to read about the company’s license being suspended by the FDA a couple of months back, in the wake of a carcinogenic substance found in certain batches of their products. I cannot forgive the multinational, if that is the case. I cannot imagine not using these products for my own babies, though, and hope the problem was just with a few batches, as the company spokesman pointed out.


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. Today’s theme is ‘fave smell’. Being the creature of senses that I am, how can I have only one ‘most favourite’ smell? I live for the sights, sounds and smells around me, and love a variety of fragrances. This is what instantly came to mind when I saw the prompt. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Day 6: The ‘baby’ smell

  1. Baby powder and lotions do have a wonderful scent. Perhaps the “recipe” can be changed for the better, to make it healthier for little ones–and big ones.


  2. Agree absolutely! 🙂 I use them too 😛 As I say this, a Johnson’s baby powder says hello 😛 It is quite saddening to read the allegations. I pray that it was with a few batches too….. like what happened with Cadburys a couple of years back !


  3. Hey, just found your blog 😉
    I never used Johnson and Johnson on my son, I would use the unscented stuff because I loved the natural smell of my baby! (feels so long ago though, as my son is nearly 6)


  4. You are so right! But funnily, I didn’t use too much of Johnsons products. I think I went with some non-fragranced organic stuff. I think I went new age as a new mother:)


  5. I am finding it so funny to think of how this very morning I had told Namnam, while applying Johnson’s lotion on her, about how much I loved the baby smell and then read this very post of yours :). You’re right, the brand has come to identify with baby smell, it will be sad to see it taken off the shelves if the allegations are proven right 😦


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