United colours of Bangalore

Bangalore is at its colourful best now. The trees in the city are a riot of purple and pink and yellow and white and orange and red, and it is a joy to walk past them.

How can I resist clicking some pics? 🙂


PS: The title is a play on this.

39 thoughts on “United colours of Bangalore

  1. Pretty! Pretty! 🙂 I too love this time of the year for all the beauty there is to see around in the form of these flowers 🙂 Reminds me of a post I did last year capturing the beauty of the flowers in my neighbourhood 🙂 The flowers are beginning to bloom here too 🙂


  2. Lovely pictures, TGND. The interesting thing is you can find all these trees and more in Mumbai, but can never get a good shot without buildings, wires and whatnot coming in the way.


  3. I love Bangalore at this time of the year – so colourful! And I live close to Cubbon Park and driving through it is one of my favourite things to do – there is always something flowering through the year 🙂


  4. Spring lovely spring!!!! Beautiful pics. We seem to have bypassed spring this year and it’s already so hot in NCR. I’m missing the flowers here but am sure will catch the season in Blr 🙂


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