Am I the only one…

… who has this song stuck in her head, and takes great joy in infuriating her husband by calling him all sorts of tappa-dappa names inspired by it? 😀


24 thoughts on “Am I the only one…

  1. Another one falls victim to the joyous addiction of this song – I had it playing in my head on loop for days and H and I danced to it till we got really sick of it. Actually, we didn’t really get sick of it, we just put it to rest for a while. Time to bring it back ..


  2. No you ain’t the only one. My husband is infected too, he keeps humming this n give me his cutest expressions

    Limits were crossed when just a few minutes back this morning he opened the full song on you tube. And limits because his songs listening is limited to what the radio plays while we drive, he doesn’t listen to any songs otherwise, he forwards all songs while we watch movies at home, so this came as a surprise to me.

    But this is such a cute infectious song, no one is to blamed.


  3. LOL 🙂 Actually I heard this song for the first time very recently at the annual function of Cheebu’s daycare. Both Cheebu and me are in love with this song now 🙂 especially the “toko toko” part 😀


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