Bliss is….

…. biting into a chewy Dharwad peda after dinner, savouring its milky sweet and salty tastes at once. 🙂

If you haven’t eaten a Dharwad peda yet, you are seriously missing something in life. Go grab a box at the earliest!


47 thoughts on “Bliss is….

  1. Have you heard of belgaum kunda, you should try that too, if you haven’t already also a sweet made with milk , it is to die for.dharwad peda and belgaum kunda are some of the sweets we get when we visit that area.


  2. I am not very fond of sweets, but make an exception for the Dharwad pedas 🙂 My friend’s dog incidentally eats only dharwad pedas and refuses to eat any other type of sweets !


  3. I love them. My father was in Hubli and Dharwad for a perod of time and so everytime he came home, he would bring us loads of this. If in Dharwad, I strongly recommend Thakur peda as well. They smell from distances you cannot imagine – just that there are many Thakurs now and finding the authentic one may pose a bit of an issue.

    Mishra peDa is also famous and have tried them as well. Oh, what I can do to just get some boxes now! 🙂


  4. I didn’t know there are so many people who are fond of these sweets. I have developed an aversion to these sweets as I come from the same place. Of course I don’t live there anymore. The reason why I got this aversion is because whenever we had relatives visiting us from other places, they would stop at the Dharwad pedha shop and buy us a box. 😦 It was an overdose for me.
    But I am happy there are so many who love it! 🙂


    1. @Su the writer

      Pester someone from Dharwad to get it for you when they are visiting. 🙂 In Bangalore, there are several Mishra Pedha outlets which sell these – we buy them either from the outlet at Jayanagar or the one at Basavanagudi. Mishra’s pedhas are lovely. The ones available at Adigas, Kanti Sweets and other sweet shops come close, but are not as great, according to me.


  5. You are so tempting me! I love Dharwad Peda! ;Love that combination of tastes, and the texture…And now, feel like going down to get myself a box 🙂 So not a good idea 🙂


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