Us – 2

Our song was on the radio yesterday.

The full moon bathed me in its light at the exact moment the tune entered my ears.

I suddenly felt like we were the same again. Old souls in love, with each other, with that song. A couple.

But we aren’t. Not now.

Were you tuned in, too?


19 thoughts on “Us – 2

      1. @R’s Mom

        Well, every person has a mix of fluttering, beautiful sensations and gashes and knife stabs on his soul, right?

        I don’t have a happy post as of now re. I don’t have any post now, actually. 🙂


  1. TNGD.. that would feel really terrible. Feeling the love that isnt there anymore – should be heart breaking.

    PS – I didnt get the entire picture from our post.. but your comment did help. I was wondering.. why they weren’t. I had not pictured them separated 😦


    1. @Vethal

      Errr.. it is a story about two people who have broken up. One of them hears the song they used to love on radio, and is reminded of the couple that they used to be. Hope this helps.

      Thank you for the link. Will listen to it soon. 🙂


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