Sweet masterpieces

So, we did manage to visit the cake show that I was telling you about here, last month. As always, the cakes were beautiful – sweet masterpieces in themselves.

We wanted to stare at each cake for ages, and exclaim over the nuances of the design, the attention to detail, and the sheer creativity and determination that would have gone into their making. Sadly, we weren’t able to do that, even though we had chosen a time when there would be no crowd at all, this time around. The bouncers present at the venue ushered us through the exhibition in a matter of 15-20 minutes, reminding us much of the very famous ‘Tirupathi Darshan’. 🙂

Here are a few pictures I somehow managed to click in the midst of all the hullabaloo at the exhibition. Do look out for my favourites – the lion, the pentagon depicting the major religions of India, the pillows, and the biiiiig wedding cake with the roses. 🙂


Which of these did you like the most?


33 thoughts on “Sweet masterpieces

    1. @Bindu

      I loved the cushions too! 🙂

      That FB page you shared is gorgeous! That said, I have come across many such cake artists in India and outside, who make equally beautiful cakes. Their creations are too lovely for the user to want to cut and eat them. 🙂


  1. My favourite – the pillows 😀

    We visited the exhibition last year, enjoyed it..but it was way too crowded. So anticipating the crowds again, we did not go this time.


  2. Wow! Lovely 🙂 I can only imagine how hard people must have worked on these to get these fine details 🙂 i think the last one is my favorite as only that one looks eatable 😀


    1. @Bikram

      The lion is one of my favourites, too! 🙂

      The last picture in the collage is the pentagon depicting the major religions of India. If you see closely, the green side shows Islam. The other side (the red one) depicts a South Indian temple. That picture is not all that clear, sadly, but that is the one.


  3. Oh my God!!! Are these really cakes??? I am so so so surprised!!

    I loved that shoe, house, the girl (which is so so so fab) and ofcourse the gaint wedding cake.

    Thanks for sharing the photos here TNGD 🙂

    PS – I am still wondering what do they do with the cakes after the show gets over? do they sell them out? They are so huge!


  4. Hi ma, yeh cakes hai *Stunned*

    I have seen a program on some channel TLC or something, where they show such tremendously amazingly yummy cakes made…people have so so much enthu na…to make such master pieces…

    I liked all of them…just that I want a bite into them now..

    PS – Do you know what they do to these cakes after the exhibition is over? Give it away to the poor?


    1. @R’s Mom

      Yes, each one of them is a masterpiece in itself.

      I really have no idea what they do with these cakes after the exhibition is over. As I was telling GB, I am not sure if these cakes can be eaten at all.


      1. You can, you can. Everything except the dowels and the plywood trays holding them is edible. I am a big fan of the programme Fabulous cakes on TLC and I KNOW! Apparently the cakes are given for charity in foreign countries when they have a show like this. Dunno about India.


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