She – 2

She hates the black-and-blue bruises that her husband gives her when drunk. She hates having to forage for a few rupees every day to feed her two little ones, having to protect them from his angry abuses. She hates discovering yet another of her carefully hidden purses or kitchen utensils stolen by him to pay for his vices. Her jewellery is long gone.

She hates her husband, and wishes he would leave her or die. She plays along, day after endless day, because she knows she would hate the abuses her community would shower on her if she left him.


24 thoughts on “She – 2

  1. Sad! Many marriages seem to be held together because of social pressure! The reasons are too complex and when it is also coupled with a reluctance to let go, it could be just too painful!


  2. The reasons why someone stays in a marriage is very complex. And I say this not just for the woman, but also for men, for I know a lot of them who stick around and suffer. A supportive family if allowed to intervene can sometimes be of help but often they are not allowed to because marriages are known to have broken up due to interfering relatives. I have also seen the couple coming together again in the fag end of their lives. But that evokes more sadness in me than joy.


  3. I have a friend who actually leads this life β€” the only difference is physical abuse is replaced with verbal abuse. I sent her this post, and do you know what she said, “It’s my fate, my life.” And this is from a woman who is well-educated, a media professional no less !

    I do understand that many women lead such a life, buy I can never understand the why. 😦


    1. @Sudhagee

      I can understand the ‘why’ a little bit for economically deprived, God-fearing, society-fearing uneducated women, but not really for the others. Yet I know of several well-educated, earning, cultured women settling in for this kind of a life. That said, I am no one to judge someone’s life and the decisions they make.. they might have their own reasons for staying back in such a marriage, which might not make sense to me, but might make sense to them.

      It is sad that your friend has to undergo what she is undergoing at the moment. Hope she finds light soon.


  4. I read this book ‘Breathless in Bombay’ last week when I was on bed rest…its hard hitting a series of short stories on Bombay..RD is repenting buying it for me, because it made me all the more depressed..and yes, your fiction piece just reminded me of that one..unfortunately, its true 😦


      1. No, TGND, it does not just apply to the class of maid servants or those in her strata of society. It applies to other strata too, only the economic reality and circumstances change.


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