A single fluid motion was all that it had taken, apparently. Just the tippling of a few drops of secretly obtained liquid into her food.

What visions had she had just before the end? Had she known that her mother-in-law had won the tug-of-war with her husband? Had she known that her beloved husband would crumble to pieces and become a mindless puppet? Had she known that she was going to join a long league of women, statistics that would be published in newspapers now and then?

She looked so peaceful in her slumber, so innocent, in her pink and white salwar kameez. As if she had known everything and accepted it.


For the week’s prompts over at 3WW – motion, peaceful, vision


23 thoughts on “She

  1. Pardon my misinterpretation but I thought she killed herself and somehow inferred everything else that way. Later when I read Bikram and your comments, I re-read it.
    This is sad. And I share your thoughts. I don’t know what else to say..


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