I hope…

I hope we grow to be
The kind of people
Who, for their 25th wedding anniversary
  Would squabble, map spread out over laps
Pointing, exclaiming, dreaming

Heading off then to a place loved
Like a beach-side cottage in the Andamans
To watch the sea rising and subsiding
From the window
Lying on the bed, arms entwined

Reading, now and then
Talking, a lot
Of nothing in particular
Watching boats
Distant in the horizon

Paddling in the waters and learning to snorkel
Gathering shells as keepsakes
Boating, and writing memoirs
Watching orange and pink sunsets
And the playing of starfish and turtles

Eating out at nearby shacks
Returning, to hang up our coats
Next to each other
On the hook by the window
Placing our boots below the sill

I hope we grow to be
The kind of people
Always with wonder for the world
Travel companions forever
With souls that never tire


For the week’s prompt over at Magpie Tales

Picture courtesy: Magpie Tales


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