Catty times

Who ARE you?

A pair of humans, eh? Well, I am SO bored of seeing you guys around! Sigh!

I’m off to sleep now. Gah! A pussy needs her beauty sleep too, ya know?

PS: We saw this adorable ball of fluff which was very much at home in the Auroville cafeteria. I wanted to pick her up, but was told she is too moody and might react any which way. 😉 So, I refrained, and contented myself by clicking loads of pics of her. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Catty times

    1. @Jas

      Oh, she is quite used to humans, apparently. She moves around in the cafeteria as if it is hers. 🙂

      She is a cutie, no? 🙂

      I didn’t have to get closer to her. She was lying down very near to where we were sitting. And the zoom feature on my camera is pretty good. 😀


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