Red does not look like tangerine. Or maroon. Or magenta, for that matter.

Crimson is not the same thing as dragon red. Or fire engine red or blood red. Tomato red is a totally different matter.

Red Revolution and Crimson Fire are as different as chalk and cheese. So are Really Red and Red Rose.

Shiny red, matte red and red with glitter do not look the same.

Not all shades of red look good on everyone. The red that looks wonderful on someone might look dirty on you, and vice versa.

Red in two coats is not as dark and lovely as the red in three coats.

The city is full of shops that sell red nail polish, and you need to check out a lot of shades in a lot of shops before you find the one that is just right for you. And then, there is the strange case of shops suddenly running out of stock of exactly the shade that you want at the moment, just when you visit them.

These are all lessons that he has learnt over time – the hard way. He is thankful that she has found just the shade of red nail polish that she had been hunting for since forever. Very, very thankful.

And to think that he had always thought that…. well….. that red was just… red!

He is keeping his fingers crossed that she doesn’t take a sudden fancy to pink nails, and make it her mission to find just that perfect shade.

PS: True story. Real-life based. I am gloating over my red, red, red nails this morning. I think red on nails looks incredibly awesome and spells out smiles and happiness.I found just the perfect shade yesterday after several disappointments, much to the relief of the OH.

50 thoughts on “Red

  1. Reminds me of a joke a salesman at a tailoring material shop shared. A husband comes in to buy pink thread. When he is shown the options, he calls his wife over phone, “There are ten pinks here, which is the one you want?”


  2. Wow! what lovely nails you have … and red suits you well 🙂 My finger nails are so bad that I don’t dare to apply nail polish on them though I love to paint my toe nails 🙂


  3. I looooooooooove nail colours ( coos and goos with some aaaaaah and oooooooooh !!!!!!) seriously. My postings in clinics sometimes refrains me from using too many bright colours owing to the population and disorders I see but I do flout rules sometimes 😉
    There is something about this post I loved. And I have so much to tell you. Just give me a few days and I will bug you big time.
    And sigh, your nails look so neat and pretty TGND ( not just clean). But can do this magic on your right hand too ? 😉


    1. @Kismi

      Hee hee. LOL @ flouting rules

      I am all ears. Eagerly waiting to talk to you.

      Thank you. I think my right hand is equally neat, and the polish is evenly spread out there, too. I don’t know about pretty. 😀


  4. Well RED is what they say a HOT color too.. it shows LOVE-Anger-Danger everything , one color and so many meaning can be taken out of it .. A beautiful color.. 🙂

    to be on safe side I dont get into any sort of argument over color 🙂


  5. Wow, you’re ready to publish a thesis on reds:) Love the colour you have one, must introduce reds to my life, I am just not for reds or pinks somehow. And a nice symbolical coincidence with Karva Chauth today too!!


  6. I have complete sympathy with your OH. He is a fellow survivor. 🙂
    I have had numerous sessions with Geet to understand the various shades of Red and Pink. I fail everytime in the end with a tum-kuch-nahi-jante tattooed on my arm just like Mr. Bachchhan’s mera-baap-chor-hai.


  7. I love this color and its just looking so so so good on you 🙂 🙂 I always do the same with my purple.. MY purple.. I now have different shades of purple that S thinks I am crazy 🙂 And then suddenly one day.. I grew fond of pink.. and my dressing table has varieties of pink too 🙂 Nail colors are so so close to me and I love them so much. I can relate to this post at a different level and see that we are alike in this regard 🙂


    1. @Greenboochi

      Thank you! 🙂

      I am actually thinking of buying a pink and a purple nail polish now. 😀

      Yes, we are similar in a lot of ways. 🙂

      I love nail polish. It is one of the few cosmetics that I use. I had sort of lost touch with nail polish after college. Rediscovering its joys now, after long. Loving it. 🙂


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