Of love at first sight, and heartbreak

It was love at first sight for me yesterday. At the most unexpected of places – the Sunday Soul Sante. I went there looking for some fun, some beautiful things that I could bring home, and some yummy food. Instead, I found her.

No stall at the festa was able to dazzle me after visiting the one where sheΒ sat. All black, shiny, happy, healthy, clean, she look well-cared-for. I couldn’t stop myself from stroking her head lovingly, and she came to me instantly.

I held her for about 10 minutes, all the while admiring her. She seemed to feel very comfortable in my arms, and snuggled up to me cosily. We bonded instantaneously.

She felt small and warm, and I could feel her heart thudding against her ribcage. I started imagining how wonderful it would feel to have her warm body against mine all the time, turning even the coldest of nights into something beautiful.

The people at the stall were touched to see our intimacy. It was then that she lifted her head up and gave me – and the OH – a good, hard look for the first time – with her big, black, adoring eyes.

And then, she gave my hand a lick, and half stood up with her front paws, in my arms.

All of five weeks old, she was a highly adorable black puppy, Indian, rescued from the streets and cared for by volunteers, brought to the sante by them to try and find a home for her.

I was utterly smitten, and didn’t want to let go. I wanted to take her home, but practical considerations held me back. The OH rattled off all the reasons why we couldn’t take her home, at least immediately. I almost cried when I handed her back, giving her tiny head one last stroke. I was reticent as I backed off from the stall, and exited the exhibition.

I was not myself all day long, and kept talking about her to the OH.

I left a piece of my heart at the sante.


30 thoughts on “Of love at first sight, and heartbreak

  1. puppies always steal your heart dont they? but they also come with a ton of responsibilties. my kids for a long time lamented for one, we managed to dissaude them and got each a goldfish. when they get older, we plan to reconsider getting a dog.


  2. I am not so fond of pets but Cheebu is. She has been asking us for a li’l puppy for a long time now πŸ™‚ But I don’t think we can manage it.
    Hope you get to bring a li’l puppy home soon πŸ™‚


  3. TNGD… I know how it must have felt… 😦 😦 Though I am not a person who loves dogs or cats, I can definetely see how close and attached they can become. I am sure, you will find a way to have a puppy at your place!!

    My ILs have a pet dog and that welcomes me everytime I step in, more than anyone else. It jumps on me, touches me, sniffs and run arounds my legs jumping with joy. I should stand still for 7 mins atleast before walking in.


  4. Oh I remember when i had initially come to uk, I went to a rescue centre to get a dog for myself, I have always had pets at home.. as I was walking there was this Big German shepherd, Called Lizzy.. I know what it is to be love at first sight. I stood at the enclosure for such a long time ..

    But lots of other things had to be considered, I was at work 9am to 7-8pm , who would look after her and I was working all 7 days to make money so i could afford living .. It was not practically possible and would be wrong on her as she would be home alone all the time , inside the house ..

    I know the feeling …


  5. Ouch! I can so feel your pain TGND. I have had pets all my life and I know how tough it is to let go of a little darling once your heart wants to have him with you.
    Tight hugs dear.
    Let’s hope she finds a caring home and family soon πŸ™‚


  6. Hugs, TGND. I can feel you heartbreak. The kid and I would love to have a dog, too, but similar practical considerations coupled with other family members’ absolute distaste for pets hold us back.



  7. Awww! Thats so so adorable !
    I wish you could have got her with you 😦 but I guess, you do need to be practical..

    big hugs okie?

    Hope the sweetie finds a home soon enough


  8. πŸ˜₯ I can so so feel for you TGND. Am sure it must have been such an overwhelming and beautiful moment all at once.
    When I was posted in the medical college in Hubli during internship, I had befriended a small kitten (like really small) and though I am not a fan of cats, this little fella made me cry for him when I left the place.
    I hope the pup found a caring home.


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