Beneath the calm of the surface,

Where there exist currents –

Currents that rage, threaten,

Rattle the very core of you –

I want to swim in those currents;

I want to know those depths.

Will you let me?


For the week’s prompts over at 3WW – Calm, know, rattle


20 thoughts on “Currents

      1. The first i see is a premise for a lover’s quarrel, which is huge in proportion – most probably due to misunderstanding. Either one of the couple say these lines in their mind addressed to the other.

        The second meaning I see is the yearn of one person to another, in the beginning of a relationship, when the other one spurns off.


    1. @Amit

      I sort of agree, and I sort of don’t. If the poem is about a couple already in a relationship, having to ask the question shows that something is amiss. However, if the poem is about a love story that is waiting to begin, it is perfect. Even romantic, then, in that case. Do I make sense?


  1. mummy! My comment did not get sent 😦

    I was wondering what you had in mind when you wrote this because it can be interpretted in so many ways (ofcourse that is the beauty of it). The first thought that came to my mind was protection and watiching over in a very protective way, not letting the person suffer a wee bit.

    very beautiful lines, TGND! πŸ™‚


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