On a beautiful rainy afternoon in Bangalore…

There are many things beautiful about going for a drive on a rainy afternoon in Bangalore, many things that make it a lovely experience even if you are only driving down to a departmental store near your home so that you can stock up on vegetables and groceries for the week. Even if the major reason behind the visit to that particular store is that you do not want to get thoroughly drenched and get your new sandals getting squished and squashed and squelched if you go to one of the local vegetable markets, which is what you love doing otherwise. You drag your husband along just because he will drive you there, and you do not want to depend on an auto or a bus in the rain which does not seem to be letting up at all, and, well, because you feel like going on a drive in the rain with him.

The afternoon light is just so, with the blending of a slight darkness into the golden brilliance of a noon sun, making raindrops form diamond necklaces on your windshield, glittering away to glory. The smell of the wet earth fills the vehicle as you start your drive, and some errant raindrops seem to be insistent on smacking you hard across your face. You hurriedly draw up the windows, and immediately begin to feel warm, cosy and cosseted, protected from the elements in your little mobile haven. You feel like you are inside a snow globe, happy and content in your tiny world, watching the world go by at a frenetic pace outside, while you are untouched by the chaos. And the world looks extremely beautiful and fresh when seen from that vantage point.

There are the prettiest and the most romantic of love songs playing on the radio, and you sing along, the pitter-patter of the rain on the car roof keeping tune with you. Your heart soars with the beauty of the moment, and because of the fact that you have not encountered a single traffic snarl yet, something that you always, always meet with when you step out of home in this city. You wonder if it is because of the rain when you are easily able to find a vacant space in the parking lot of the departmental store, something which is fast getting to be a luxury. Blasts of cold, cold air hit you as soon as you step out of the car, but you feel happy and not miserable. You feel renewed, re-energised as you shop for things that will constitute your food and nourish you in the week to come. The shower has almost ended when you drive back home after the shopping, evening threatening to turn into night at that time, tell-tale signs present all over to indicate the downpour just gone by.

There are many things beautiful about going for a drive on a rainy afternoon in Bangalore. Many things to love, things that infuse even mundane things like going for grocery- and vegetable shopping with so much joy, making it a sublime experience.

24 thoughts on “On a beautiful rainy afternoon in Bangalore…

    1. @Amit

      Well, we often think about the petrol prices, too. On some occasions, we just prefer to throw the concern out of the window and just luxuriate in the beauty of the moment. This was one of those times. πŸ™‚

      Thank you!


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