And then we met! :)

I am a bit late in doing this post, but wanted to do it nonetheless. It is about the lovely Smitha and me meeting up, which happened over the weekend prior to the last.

I have been reading Smitha’s blog for quite some time now – it feels like forever, actually. I have always loved her choice of books, and have found her book reviews trustworthy and dependable. There were also two more incentives for me to read her blog – one being that she sounded like a very sensible and mature reason, and I loved exchanging viewpoints on different issues with her, the second one was that I got to see pictures of the UK that I am in love it (all thanks to the various books about the place that I had read), especially the English countryside.

So, when Smitha told me that she was shifting to Bangalore, I knew that I would love to meet her. I had absolutely no qualms, and said OK immediately. We planned to meet up even before she left the UK, but something or the other kept coming up, and the meeting could happen only recently.

The OH and I drove down to Smitha’s apartment complex (which I am absolutely in love with) with the anticipation of a fun evening and good, sensible conversation. And that is what we got and more. We got a taste of a yummylicious cake that Smitha baked, we had some wonderful samosas (trust me to talk about the food, eh?), we got to meet Poohi who is absolutely adorable and so well-behaved. I actually wanted to hug Poohi and squish her tight, but did not do that as I did not want to scare her too much. 😛 And, oh, I also got to borrow a great book from Smitha’s admirable collection. 🙂

It was so nice of Smitha to go to the trouble of baking and buying samosas, even though she had had a hectic day and had not been keeping too well, either. She was sweet enough to let the rather introvert me get comfortable and talk. I think it was almost time for Poohi to sleep when we left, but she was good enough to play it down. BTW, Smitha does not look her age at all, and she is very different from the image of a very mature person that I had conjured up about her, after reading her blog.

And, both mother and daughters are bookworms of the same sort! Poohi busied herself with her books all the while we were talking, and did not even look up. She was happy as long as she was not disturbed. 🙂 It warmed my heart to see that. “Hey, bookworm!”, Smitha chided Poohi, to which pat came the reply: “You’re one too!” How cute is that?!

We got to know each other a little better, and talked about n number of things – ranging from jobs to homes to books and blogs. We recommended places to each other to visit, and made promises to meet another time. All in all, it was a fun evening, and both the OH and I did not feel like we were meeting her for the first time at all.

I realised that blog meets are fun, and it feels great to know the people behind the words you read and the views you share, especially if you connect well with them.

Thank you so much, Smitha, for a lovely evening! It truly was a pleasure. 🙂


PS: Go here to read Smitha’s version of the (sort of) blog meet.

PPS: The post of my title has been borrowed from Smitha’s post. 🙂

28 thoughts on “And then we met! :)

  1. I am still waiting for any kind of blog meet to happen so can;t really comment but It sounds so interesting from what I have heard from you and Smita 🙂


  2. Wow! Having read Smitha’s version and now yours I am sure that it was a super meet 🙂 So good to hear that all of you had a nice time 🙂 Haven’t met anyone from the blogging world so far and I keep wondering how it feels to meet a person whom you only know through blogs 🙂


  3. Lucky you i will say, we were in the same country a couple of months ago and never could get together although she visited b’gham and i went up to leeds..

    and vouch for the baking , she is such a lovely person she posted me them 🙂


  4. “I realised that blog meets are fun, and it feels great to know the people behind the words you read and the views you share, especially if you connect well with them.| Couldnt agree with you more, TGND!

    BTW, in all this fun, you didnt remember to take snaps of the cake or samosas or the people hogging those delicacies, did you?? Grr, I knew it! 😦


    1. @Deeps

      I haven’t had many blog meets. Some of the ones I have had have been pathetic, some have been good.

      We didn’t take any snaps of the food, sorry! We did take some pics of the people, though, but I doubt I’ll be putting them up here.


  5. Phew! glad you agreed to me on the not looking her age and and not being what I thought she would be from her blog..

    You got to eat her cake..hmpf! so jealous 🙂


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