Everyday miracles

In the odd hour between morning and mid-morning, I stand in my balcony, gazing out at the world going by for a few minutes. The morning chores are done, and I am not too enthused about starting my work. I anticipate a long day at work ahead and cringe. I shiver in the light cold, noticing the chilly breeze fast fading with the last of the morning. The sun begins to heat up, and the sunshine feels good on my skin. Soon, my body is suffused with the warmth of the sun and the shivering is gone, as is the coldness in my soul. I bask in the sun for a while, and it works its magic on me. I begin to feel cosy and nice. In a while, I am ready to take on the day as it comes.

Just when you think that your life has become just routine and lacklustre, life throws these everyday miracles at you, to show you that you are wrong. So wrong. No day is lacklustre, no day is just routine, if you only choose to look closely and feel.

These little everyday miracles are what make life worth living.


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