Guess what!

I took this pic in Pahalgam, Kashmir.

Can you tell what is happening in the picture?


Edited to add:

Most of you guys are right! These soft drink bottles are being refrigerated in the natural way. This picture is of a stream that ran just outside the hotel where we stayed, and we spotted the soft drink shop nearby using this natural method to chill his bottles. Yes, the water was FREEZING cold! This was a new experience for both the OH and me, as we had never seen this before.

Smart cookies you all are! πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “Guess what!

      1. Very true. when we were there u[p north (UP), I have seen this done a lot. I had forgotten about it though πŸ™‚ I hope you are having a great time πŸ™‚


  1. i think there is thread below and they are trying to transport water from one location to other, or else the cold-drink has frozen, they are trying to bring it to normal temperature..

    did i guess it right??


  2. The soft drink bottles are taking a boat (read plastic tray) ride! But how??
    * tries to think of all the physics and chemistry laws & formulas learnt at high school for this, but can’t remember anything 😦 *


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