WW45: Visit to a vineyard

I always had this dream of going to a vineyard when all the vines are laden with fruit, and to just experience the feeling of standing in the midst of all that gorgeousness. That dream of mine came true last weekend, when the OH and I got a chance to visit a vineyard in Rajankunte, Bangalore.

It is an AMAZING feeling to stand beneath those vines and take in the rows and rows and rows of grapes just waiting to be plucked, I tell you!

Here are some memories from the visit.


43 thoughts on “WW45: Visit to a vineyard

  1. how beautiful have the pictures come out …lovely!!! your blog is one treat to eyes TGND…no one can’t ever miss coming here for pictures πŸ™‚ carry on!


  2. Gorgeous πŸ™‚ these pictures brought to me many beautiful memories πŸ˜€
    I can imagine what kept you from plucking those luscious grapes, for I too have experienced it before πŸ˜€


    1. @My Era

      Good to know that my post brought back some fond memories for you. πŸ™‚

      And great to know that someone else feels the same way I do – it is not a very common thing for people to feel, I guess.


    1. @Bhawna Jaimini

      Well, it was not a professional vineyard we went to. We requested for permission to enter a farmer’s house and vineyard. Couldn’t pluck them, of course. However, I have to say that it was quite difficult to resist the urge. πŸ™‚

      These are all simple dreams that anyone can fulfill at any time. Why get jealous and all? Just get up and do it!!


  3. Loved the pics TGND πŸ™‚ I want to go too. K is involved with wones in oen of his projects and so keeps talking of them bigtime – like the good year, abd year and the un-prouncable grape types. I just want to look at them πŸ˜›


  4. Wow lovely. Send me the details please. Will love to visit πŸ™‚
    and what you were saying about commercialized Kashmir, Your pics are super awesome. I was mentally drifted there.


    1. @BlueMist

      Sure, will write to you with the details soon. πŸ™‚

      It is the season for plucking grapes now, and you should visit immediately if you want to see the fruit hanging from the vines.

      Kashmir is beautiful, but there is a lot of commercialization there. Just like any other tourist place. We got utterly disgusted with certain things. You will know when you visit there. πŸ™‚


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