Twice happy, two times over

Two bloggers – the lovely Kismi Toffee Bar (who never ceases to amaze me with how similar she is to me) and Chatty Wren (whom I have just started reading) – have decided to confer two blog awards on me. Thank you so much, Kismi and Wren! Have I told you that I love both of your blog names?

So, the first award is the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ ….

…. and the other one is the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’.

Kismi and Wren, I am glad you like my blog enough to visit regularly with your valuable insights on a variety of subjects. I am glad you find my blog lovely and inspiring.

Now, I am supposed to list 7 random things about me. I have done this tag earlier, but I could go with doing it again. Here goes:

1. I am reading Elizabeth Noble’s The Friendship Test at the moment. In fact, I am about to finish it. I am liking the book, but not as much as I have liked Noble’s other books.

2. I am thoroughly disgusted with the attitude of our cooking gas agency and the employees who work the supposed ‘HELP-line’. We have been having some problems with our cooking gas, and these people have been far from helpful. However, these issues did force the OH to take an unplanned day off work, and that makes me happy, as I am working from home! 😉

3. I am rediscovering a love for sarees of late. It is such a graceful, elegant attire!

4. I finally got my hands on the newly introduced Stuffed Garlic Bread from Dominoes, after drooling over pictures in advertisements several times over. I am thoroughly disappointed with the taste, though. It is nowhere near their Cheese-Burst Pizzas that I so love.

5. I cooked for guests after a really long time last weekend. My cousin and her husband visited us, for the first time after her wedding. The guy was visiting us for the first time ever, and apparently, he was craving for some good North-Indian stuff. I made Pav-Bhaji, and everyone slurped it up happily. All of them loved it thoroughly, and the OH was all praise. It made me feel oh-so-happy. 🙂

6. It has been just a little over a week since we returned from our Kashmir trip, and I am already craving for a vacation. Again. Even a weekend getaway would do. Sigh! There are a lot of things to be sorted out before we head out for our next trip, though, I am afraid. 😦

7. I am turning into quite a Maggi noodles addict of late, I have realised. I should grow out of this addiction – too much of anything is bad. 😦

I take this opportunity to thank all my blog readers for your friendship and constant support. I value the interaction I have with each one of you guys. Honest.

Edited to add (January 11, 2013): Messy Baker also passed on the Very Inspiring Blogger award to me recently. Thank you so much, Jaclyn, for the award and for your kind words. Much appreciated. 🙂

Edited to add (July 28, 2014): Sangi also passed on the Very Inspiring Blogger award to me today. Thank you so much, Sangi!


33 thoughts on “Twice happy, two times over

  1. Well deserved! 🙂 I’m the same way about vacations. As soon as one’s over, I’m craving another trip. Hope you get your next getaway soon!


  2. Many congratulations 🙂 My sarees are all piled up inside the cupboard waiting to see the daylight.

    You know you saved me a disappointment. I was about to try Dominos stuffed garlic bread and now I won’t.


    1. @Jas

      Thank you! 🙂

      Oh, my sarees are also lying inside my cupboard, waiting to get out and get aired. I have so few occasions to wear them. These days, however, I am trying to create occasions to wear them. 🙂 I am falling in love with them all over again – not that I was ever out of love with them. 🙂

      Hey, do give the Stuffed Garlic Bread a try. The fact that I didn’t like them does not mean that you won’t like them either.


  3. Ooooooooh,

    congies 🙂
    Oh ya ! maggi addiction, tell me about it ! I will tell you how you can get rid of it – eat it religiously for one week – morning, afternoon and night (like a course of antibiotics) and then we will talk again. If you are still addicted – writing a letter to Maggi is the only option. (so says a self confessed Maggi addict at times)

    Sarees are always oh so beautiful 🙂 In Uni, I used to wait for the umpteen days and be Master of Ceremony just to rig out ma’s sarees and wear them 😛
    Pav bhaji – I made it on Friday night too!! Drool 😛
    Ah Gas agency – sigh!

    Enzoi Madame 🙂


    1. @Kismi

      I wait for occasions to wear sarees too! 🙂

      I shall put up the recipe for pav-bhaaji soon.

      I have been eating Maggi for lunch almost every day for the last 10 days or so. I am still not tired of it. A letter to Maggi? Now, that is interesting! 🙂


  4. congratulations sweetie 🙂

    oh and ditto on 3 & 4…the stuffed garlic bread is a drama in literal terms..the picture’s garlic bread is so much drool worthy no?


  5. Awesome! I too have been ODing on maggi lately and should stop! Also, had problems with gas agency here too, they made us call again and again, make multiple rounds and no help! We finally had to threaten them with consumer court dhamki :/


  6. Congrats! Congrats! 🙂
    What coincidence, I have a similar post today 🙂
    I love sarees too though I find it difficult to handle. Love to accessorize them as well 🙂
    Me too craving for a vacation already 🙂
    BTW did you try the Corn in Tamarind sauce?


  7. Congrats on the awards TNGD 🙂

    ditto on #3.. bought a new saree last week 😛

    again, ditto on #4 – such a disappointment! 😦

    Yayy to you for making Pav bhajji.. *drooling*

    ditto on #7 again… I am becoming maggi addict as well!


    1. @Greenboochi

      Thank you so much! 🙂

      I need to de-addict myself out of Maggi. I am eating way too much of it than is acceptably OK. 😦

      I bought a new saree last to last week too – in Kashmir. 🙂


  8. Congratulations on being awarded 😀
    Couldn’t agree more on #2…and #4 I have been planning to give it a try from a while…am glad you warned me before-hand 😀
    Yaay! to the yummy pav bhaji 🙂


    1. @My Era

      Thank you, ME! 🙂

      You too? Aren’t HELP-line people supposed to be helpful? 😦

      Arre, the Stuffed Garlic Bread is a real disappointment. You could go for their Cheese-Burst Pizza, rather, if you haven’t tried it already.


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