Our bags are packed….

…. and we’re ready to go…. on a holiday!! 😀


So, we’re finally all set to leave on a holiday the coming Saturday. It is a much-needed break, and comes after a long, long time. This trip is going to be different from the ones we have undertaken so far, and we are waiting to be surprised. It is going to be a significant journey in more ways than one.

Will be back on the blog in about a week’s time. Till then, ta! Be good, and be happy. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Our bags are packed….

  1. Hey everyone,

    Thank you all for the lovely words. We are back from the vacation, and have loads of tales to tell. 🙂

    Hope all of you are doing good. Will get back to your blogs one by one. 🙂


  2. WHAT!! bags packed 2 days in advance *Falls at feet and requests you to please speak and let RD learn from this*

    Enjoy the holiday babes, you will be missed…if you eat anything nice, you are NOT allowed to put up pictures on the blog before prior warning..enjoy the two of you 🙂


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