WW42: The cotton candy man


16 thoughts on “WW42: The cotton candy man

  1. I and my sister love cotton candies (even now)… especially these pink ones!! brought back some awesome childhood memories 🙂 We would somehow catch and run behind him, much to irritation of mom 😉


  2. Because cotton candies are also known as Buddhi Na baal, i could never have it..
    Once i tried and just thinking about the name made me puke….Never tried again…
    I think i am the only namuna who has never tried this….


    1. @Bikram

      Oh, wow. I have always eaten cotton candy straight from the vendor’s machine or the ready-made ones that are available. Have never had the chance to have it made from our own sugar!! Wow!! That must have felt so good! 🙂


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