Every Day In Tuscany

I love Frances Mayes’s writing, as I have said many times on my blog before. I love the passionate way in which she travels, the way she really lives each moment of her life, and her insight into little things around her that could be just routine for others. I am on a read-everything-by-Frances-Mayes roll these days, and in the course of that, treated myself to another of her books – Every Day In Tuscany.

Every Day In Tuscany is a sequel to Under The Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany. It is all about the beauty of everyday life in Tuscany, the sights and sounds that surround Frances, the people of Tuscany and, most importantly, the cuisine of the place. Frances speaks about her experiences in Tuscany over the course of her 20-year stay there – both good and bad. She speaks of the extraordinary zest for life that the Tuscans seem to possess, and their hearty love for food, and attempts to figure out why she hasn’t seen such enthusiasm elsewhere.

How did I like the book? I found it utterly charming, as I find all of Frances’ books. It made me want to live each moment of my life with joy, to squeeze out two lifetimes’ worth of living from this one lifetime of mine. It made want to revel in the simple pleasures of everyday life, and to build my life around them. And, as always, the book made me long to travel – to soak in the culture of a new place, to see large and small monuments depicting the history of the place, and to have a taste of the local cuisine. It made me long to visit Tuscany, too.

Would I recommend this book? Yes!! I most definitely would. If you love travelling, or dig personal descriptions of experiences or places, or simply love the idea of living to the fullest, this book is for you! It would make a great travel companion too, I felt.


20 thoughts on “Every Day In Tuscany

  1. You should read Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence. I’m sure you’ll love it too!
    And thank you, for introducing me to Frances Mayes! I’ll try getting my hands on her books now. I LOVE travelogues!


    1. @Sanjana

      I have read A Year In Provence, and loved it too. I even wrote about it on my blog. πŸ™‚

      Oh, if you love travelogues, you SHOULD read Frances Mayes. She is a master at travel writing, I think.

      I am always on the look-out for soulful travel writers, too. Please to share recos, if you have any.


  2. Have you read Under the Tuscan Sun and watched the movie too?? πŸ™‚ I’m figuring if you like Mayes so much, you must have done both..:) The movie made me positively drool for good Italian food..and I must say I’m a sucker for it..Anywhere that I get a well-put together Italian dish, I melt into a warm pool of wine and cheese..;) not to say pasta and pannacotta..;)


    1. @Journomuse

      Haven’t watched the movie Under The Tuscan Sun, but read the book and loved it. That is what started this read-everything-written-by-Frances-Mayes spree. πŸ™‚ I want to read all of her books before I start watching the movies. πŸ™‚

      I love Italian food too, rather the Italian food that we get in Indian restaurants. I am not sure how far they are authentic Italian.


  3. you are reading fast babes πŸ™‚ such readers inspire me,thank you πŸ™‚

    Did I tell you the last time that I’ve watched the movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ and I loved it?


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