Pieces of life

I found

In the attic

Some cardboard boxes

Full of letters,

Time frozen

In royal blue words

Letters, threatening with

Their yellowness

To fade into oblivion,

But will they?

Letters, in a spidery hand

Pretty, unique, then

To me

Pieces of life

Of smiles, tears, they spoke

And of laughter and gloom

They spoke of new love

And the losing of it

In long-ago,

Lazy summer noons


For the week’s prompt at Magpie Tales – one of my favourites in recent times.


20 thoughts on “Pieces of life

  1. So beautiful tend. I love it how I can start from the last two lines and read the rest from the beginning and think of it as the future. Do I make sense ?

    Loved it and can relate to this so well. One of the main reasons I need a big home.


  2. It’s a gorgeous poem!! I am a keeper of things…everything really…and find myself really caught up in them when I find a box of letters or poems or just scraps of life past.


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