Kitchen sights, sounds and smells that I love

~ Watching long, dry grains of rice turn into puffy, beautifully boiled rice with a few cups of water and the magic of a pressure cooker

~ The way my entire house fills up with a ‘bakery smell’ each time I bake a cake

~ Taking in the smell of ginger-garlic paste and finely chopped onions stir-fried together

~ Watching balls of batter become swollen like the cute tummies of infants the instant they are put in boiling hot oil

~ The smells of jackfruit and mangoes when they are ripe and ready to be cut

~ Watching small bits of ‘vadam’ enlarge when put in hot oil, like a lazy cat stretching her legs after a refreshing afternoon nap in a hot summer afternoon

~ Marvelling at the colour co-ordination of freshly grated coconut, finely chopped tomatoes, and chopped coriander lying side by side in aΒ  plate

~ Hearing each kernel of corn pop when a fresh cob is placed on the gas

~ Taking in the smell of boiling peas and kabuli chana

~ Watching the dance of the tea powder in milk as it boils, giving out every bit of essence from its far recesses

~ Carrying a bit of a basil or omavalli leaf with me from the kitchen garden to place on my work desk, to inhale its fragrance whenever I take a break from my work

~ Inhaling the scent of tamarind pulp, salt and jaggery cooking together

~ Watching a pinch of turmeric spread and turn a large bowl of curd, yellow

~ Learning recipes that have been passed on for generations in the mother-in-law’s as well as my parents’ families, and scribbling them down in a notebook

~ Drooling over food photos in cooking blogs, and deciding to try out some of the recipes

~ Discussing the elaborate details of cooking a traditional dish with mother

~Watching Maggi noodles absorb all the water I have heated it in, to become soft and noodle-y

~The smell of fresh coriander or garlic on my hands after having chopped them for a dish

~The smell of home-made pizza baking in the oven

~ Treating the OH to dishes he has never tried before, like Gujarati-style bhindi masala and khichdi-kadhi

~ Preparing a proper ‘recipe book’ in the hopes of passing it down to my children some day

~ Making a ‘well’ in paruppu-saadam to put vettalkozhambu in it

~ The smell of naarthangai-elai podi in buttermilk

~Eating curd rice with hands that have just been henna-ed

~Watching small freshly fried gulab jamuns swell when put in sugar syrup, absorbing it till they can no more

~Taking in the divine scent of kesari being cooked in ghee

~ Planning the day’s menu with the OH

~ Watching phulkas puff up, round and full, when placed on the gas

~ Marvelling at the intelligence of the people who drafted the first-ever recipes, so knowledgeable about the exact amount of sweet, salt and spice to add to a substance to make a wonderful concoction

~ Watching sambar and rasam bubbling away on the gas

~The smell of peanuts when they are being boiled in salt water

~ Watching vegetables shrinking in size as they get cooked, indicating that they are almost done

~ The smell of vegetable korma cooking

~The smell that hits me when I open a pressure cooker in which I have just made biryani

~Preparing masala chai, with the promise of a full fifteen minutes of quietly savouring it lying ahead

What are your favourites?


25 thoughts on “Kitchen sights, sounds and smells that I love

  1. See, now THIS is what makes me Loooooooove you ! πŸ™‚ I am always doing the “muuk kudukurdu” (as in really put your face as close as you can and inhale these breathtakingly mesmerising fragrance). Seriously, I love everyone of those. I love how all the fried onion, ginger, garlic, chillies, asafoetida etc when put in a mixer result in one heavenly paste – watching the process and the smelling it – heaven !
    I also love the smell at home when ma makes molagai pudi. and when puliyogre is made and you add that til powder.
    No, seriously. I will take this up as a tag like Smitha said.

    Beautiful post TGND. Made my morning ! πŸ™‚


  2. No surprise, this post made me hungry! I’m not familiar with all of these dishes and foods, but I know many of them. I am now craving a savory meal!


  3. Wow, all of them are my favorites, this is a beautiful list!!!!!
    Also the smell of freshly ground green chilly, ginger, garlic paste mixed in besan to make patra, smell of vagharela dhokla and handvo, frying bataka vada and daal vada, ghee on the freshly made roti and puran poli…
    i think i will go on and on like this………


  4. You sure know the sweet way of torturing..they should appoint you in the cell where you interrogate for secrets πŸ˜›

    I love

    ~the smell of vadagam which is put just when the oil is hot.
    ~freshly baked sponge cake
    ~the smell which hits u when you open the cooker having tomato biryani
    ~smell which surrounds the room when you dry roast chana dal and groundnuts
    ~watching how the cream turns into butter in the mixie jar

    hehehe…I will stop here…WP might chuck this into spam if I go on and on


  5. I am on a diet and then I read this post, not fair 😦

    But yes like you even I love certain sounds, smells & noises that come out of kitchen. My fav is when we fry the onions? Ah! heaven!


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