WW40: In the pink of health


18 thoughts on “WW40: In the pink of health

    1. @Smita

      Welcome here, Smita! 🙂

      Where do you stay? India or elsewhere?

      Litchis are a bit expensive here too, as compared to other fruits, but still, not that expensive too to not allow an occasional indulgence. 🙂


  1. @Bikram

    Thank you, Bikram! LIke PNA, I really don’t mind doing you a favour, and going to Chandigarh to check on your precious litchi trees. 🙂 I will take good care of them, I promise!

    And, yes, lucky you! 🙂


    1. @Bikram


      Do visit home soon!

      Two litchi trees and no one to eat them? Really? I am dying to get a chance to pluck the fresh fruit off trees and eat them! Any fruit, for that matter. Can I visit your house sometime? 🙂


      1. Anytime , you can go now even not a problem , but no one to recieve you there..
        Next time i vivit I shall let you know you all can come.. and lots of fruit trees , Litchi-mangoes-Cheeku-guavas ..

        My granddad built the house when chandigarh was just being developed , ours was one of the first ones to come up there so in those days they gave BIG huge plots 4kanals and all, so had a lot of land for all the trees .. so lucky me


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