What’s with India and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan?

These days, all I seem to be reading on the internet are reports about Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan’s weight gain post pregnancy and delivery, and about how she is not being a good celebrity by hiring a trainer and losing all that excess flab? There are videos of Aishwarya flaunting all her flab and asking ‘Why is she not doing anything about it?’ One of the news reports that I read led me to a YouTube video with pictures of Aishwarya post her weight gain, with elephant sounds playing in the background!

I am not a huge fan of the Bachchan bahu, neither have I been following gossip about her avidly, but still, this is what meets my eye almost everywhere I go on the internet. And I find it extremely disgusting. It is so shameful to attack a post-partum woman about her weight, just because she is a celebrity. Come on, she is a human being too, and she says she is no hurry to lose her excess weight as she is enjoying her time with baby Aaradhya. Why do people have to be so mean and stinging in their comments? It really gets on my nerves.

I agree that being a celebrity puts you in the public eye 24/7, but that doesn’t make you a robot. There is a limit to which someone can pry into a celebrity’s personal life, and most of the reports I have read so far seem to have crossed all such limits.

And why are we, Indians, so obsessed with Aishwarya anyway? First it was ‘How is Abhishek and Aishwarya’s married life going?’, then it was ‘Is Aishwarya going to act after her marriage or will she just make use of the Bachchan brandname?’, then it was ‘When are Abhishek and Aishwarya going to have a baby?’. After Amitabh announced her pregnancy, it was ‘When is Aishwarya going to deliver?’, and after the delivery, it was ‘Is this really Abhishek’s baby? If so, why so much delay in getting pregnant?’. After she delivered, it was ‘When are Abhishek and Aishwarya going to name their child?’ and ‘What are they going to name her?’ Now, there has been another sleazy blow on her – ‘Why is Aishwarya not losing her post-partum flab?’ People!

All I am trying to say is that being a celebrity does not give people the right to say anything and everything about a person. I would like to see the day when we learn to respect the fact that celebrities have a life too, and that they are entitled to it as much as any other ordinary person is.


38 thoughts on “What’s with India and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan?

  1. Probably the reason why the media and the country is so obsessed with Aishwarya is that she has always been quite controlled when it comes to her media interactions. It’s like the hysteria created about something that you know nothing about. That was the case when they got married and now when the baby’s face is being hidden from the media. I actually admire Aishwarya Rai for the poise with which she acts and carries herself. And she’s one of the few intelligent women in the film industry today.


  2. exactly my point..what’s with people reading articles about her weight gain and all that..making cartoons out of it…sms/jokes…they haven’t left any stone un turned…it’s just weight and not a national issue to be given so much importance…

    I myself haven’t ever liked her any much and you know all these things making rounds is having an adverse effect on a little bit of liking,if at all there is…

    let her live and you better do your job is what I want to tell people but then there might be some who would answer me back saying that “this is our job,to gossip and target people” 🙂 lol


  3. Totally with you on this!!! It is beyond me that why ppl are behind her to lose weight. Her body her choice!! Has she lost the weight drastically there wud have been comments saying, ah! she doesn’t take care of her baby.
    I wish Indian journalists learned to take a chill pill and concentrate on worthy news!


    1. @Smita

      Most main-stream media pieces that I read about this weight-gain hungama were quite sensible. My problem with the Bollywood gossip websites that have been quite cheeky in their articles. That said, I do wish journalists chose to write about more worthy news, too!


  4. I was all enraged today when people commented crazy stuff on prasanna-sneha wedding ( i hope you know them, else they are a tamil film pair who got married recently). I will soon write on it. I think the problem is with the thinking that celebrities are public properties and can be commented on. I believe we only own the ticket we buy and the entertainment we get, and not a bit of their lives! Love the post.


    1. @Arch

      I saw some pics of the Prasanna-Sneha wedding, but haven’t read anything about it. Waiting to read your post.

      “I believe we only own the ticket we buy and the entertainment we get, and not a bit of their lives!”- My thoughts exactly! Wish more people thought like that!


  5. Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone someone tell the people to not worry about Aishwarya’s post-partum fat. Aren’t there any plum bollywood weddings in the near future that Aishwarya’s fat seems to make it to headlines these days ?!

    On a sidenote, let that lady be. Firstly, I am no fan and the news thrust their wedding, the ancient fight and the fracture etc in my face urging me to know and glorified her. And then as soon as she has a baby they forget all the wonderful things about motherhood and focus on post-partum fact, err. fat. Don’t confuse me news-people.


    1. @Kismi

      Errr.. it’s not the actual news people this time… It is these Bollywood sites and social networking sites which have people all ‘worried’ about Aishwarya’s post-partum weight gain. The newspapers at least have articles supporting her, stating that it is quite normal to gain weight post a baby and that Aishwarya is in no hurry to lose her excess flab.


  6. Very true TGND.. Its normal, just normal that a married woman get pregnant n deliver d baby n have post-pregnancy changes in her body.. But v r so “bothered n worried” of Ash.. I dono why people just go behind such things.


  7. Agree all the way. I get mad everytime my FB feed tells me my friends are reading articles about Ash’s weight gain. It really makes me judge the said friend.


  8. Ha ha so right…i was a Abhishek fan till they got married on my bday 😉 And then when i married my real life hero he actually made me see Abhishek from every angle on his chance visit at a Pune Big Bazaar. And that was it for me 😉 Thereafter nothing about the duo mattered that much 😛 And to find everyone sharing Aishwarya’s weight on FB !!! OMG atleast no one mentioned the exact weight yet…he he ! But am glad atleast she cares to be ‘normal’ this way and hope the whole postpartum ‘size zero’ rush slows down a bit for all those crazy girls out there 🙂


      1. Yeah Abhishek up,close and personal, and he does look quite good 😉 but after that i became a bigger fan of my hubby 😉 He he he…Thanks !


  9. I’m not an Ash fan, and I still think it’s unfair…but then well, celebs are celebs and some websites/papers need some gossip! I like the fact that she hasn’t stressed herself into losing it in a month or some ridiculous time like that, like malaika and the others. In her own way, she’s taken a stand, and I applaud her for that.

    PS. while I don’t care about her weight gain/ no weight loss thing, I think the clothes she’s wearing are hideous. They only make her look worse!


    1. @Chindi Chitranna

      I am not an Ash fan either, but I do think the way she is being judged for every little thing is unfair. Yup, she has indeed taken a stand in her own way, and should be appreciated for that. 🙂

      I haven’t seen her on TV of late, so can’t really comment on that. 😦


  10. I was just thinking about it. Why is it a ‘Big Deal’ that Aishwarya has put on weight! I am not a fan neither am I defending her. But aren’t there any important issues left for them to judge! If she is a new mother, then the baby fat is obvious. Big deal!


  11. Totally agree..I am not a fan of Aishwarya AT ALL..but I do feel she is doing most normal mommies a BIG favor (believe me I cant believe, I am writing this good stuff about her!) by telling the damn world that mommy fat is normal…did you read the time magazine cover story..damn they show a hot skinny mom breast feeding her 3/4 year old…I just couldnt believe that people ‘judge’ even mother hood now a days..

    oh we are total Aishwarya obsessed nation..afterall she is one of the few who captured the global attention didnt she!


    1. RM, you know in another way, I thought she was doing a big thing. She had a normal delivery and remained well when a good part of the world believes celebrities do not opt for one. I so agree to judging motherhood. To each one’s own problems, and I wonder why this is hard to understand.


    2. Hello every one, am totally agreed that Celebrities also have a personal life. Please stop passing comments on her. Every baby Girl will be a daughter first, then a wife & then a Mother. When a lady/Women becomes a mother, she will be flying in heights of happiness along with that responsibility towards the child increases. Every mother chooses the responsibility of child rather than her work, because a mother knows the pain of delivering a child & her love towards the child is known.

      I think Aishwarya is doing her best job. Hats of to her.

      Please stop comments.


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