Some OH-isms….

…. just because it has been a long time since I wrote about them. πŸ™‚


OH to me when I am leaning on the washbasin at home: ‘Why do you want to lean on the washbasin when brushing your teeth? Your name is not Lean-a, right?’


OH to me when I am preparing Undhiyu one evening: ‘Listen to the song I made up for your Undhiya’

Then, in full volume sings – Undhiya, vandeya, poneya… ukkandeya, sapteya, thoongineya

Me: What?!! :O


Me to the OH: OH, your mom has sent a lunch box full of pulao. I’ll just heat it up and then we can eat.

OH: (sings) Chalo pulao aaya hai, maataji ne banaya hai (Sung exactly in the tune of Chalo bulawa aaya hai)

Born filmy? That’s him!


OH to me (seeing me struggling with putting a key onto a keychain): Kothufy it like this, and then maatify it on the stand, OK? Simple!


Me to the OH (waking up late one morning, while the OH has already been up for an hour or so): What’s the time, OH?

OH (making up an instant song): Entu ghante ho gaya, arre baba entu ghante ho gaya!!


The OH can make up an instant story about any book that I am reading or about any person we see on the streets or any place that we visit. We happened to pass by a building called SNS Plaza one day, and his storytelling began.

OH: You know how this building was built?

Me: No. How?

OH: There was once a man called Sunder Rajan who lived in Bangalore. With the inheritance that his mother left him, he bought this land and built a plaza. He decided to called it S Plaza, and got the designing for it done. When his brother’s wife came to know of this, she was enraged. She asked Sunder Rajan to give her husband too a share in the plaza, and demanded that her husband’s name also be included in the plaza’s name. Her husband’s name was Shyam Rajan, and so, the building was ultimately renamed to SNS plaza to include both their initials.

Me: !!!!!! (Too stunned for words)


OH to me (over the phone, from his office): Hey, you know what? X has invited us for a get-together next Saturday. You are free, right?

Me: Yes, let’s go.

OH (zoning off and getting busy with work): Ok…..

Me: What shall I wear?

OH: Hmmm. OK.

Me: Hello, I asked you what I should wear to the get-together. You remember that dress we bought in Ahmedabad?

OH: OK. I am free too. We’ll go. No issues.

I say nothing for 5 seconds.

OH: Oh OK. Hmm.

Me: Grrrrr


It’s a ritual at our place that the OH gets the bottle of water that I keep by my bedside at night, and it is he who switches off the lights. πŸ˜›

Yesterday, he got the bottle as usual, with a call of: Paani, Beanie ka paani. (Exactly in the style water-bottle sellers call out their wares in Indian trains)

(He’s decided to call me ‘Beanie’ till he finds another nickname for me, because I made his favourite beans curry once last week.)

Me: :O :O :O


The OH and I visited the Hesarughatta lake some time ago. The lake has completely dried up, and lots of cows and sheep and goats were grazing on the grass growing in what used to be the bed of the lake.

Me (busy clicking pictures): Wow! This so much looks like the English countryside. No?

OH: Appa! Now, I don’t have to take you to the English countryside, right?


One day, when the OH got an attack of the hiccups at work, he SMSed me just one word: ‘Vikking’. πŸ˜€

(Vikkal = hiccups, in Tamil)


One day, on the way back home from work, he got some poruvalangai urundai.

OH: Have you ever tried poruvalangai urundai?

Me: No, I haven’t.

OH: I got some for you. (Breaks the urundai into pieces, picks up one piece and starts rotating it in clockwise motions)

Me: What exactly are you trying to do?

OH: You don’t know? The poruvalangai urundai has to be rotated like this before you eat it, once an urundai is broken. Otherwise it turns into poison!

Me: What?!!

OH: (bursts out laughing)


Today morning, I made semiya upma for breakfast. We were rushing through breakfast, and I had already started thinking about all the work that I have to do today, when the OH asks me: You know what?

Me: What?

OH: You should constantly say ‘Hmm hmm’ as you eat semiya upma. It adds to the taste of the upma.

Me: Close your mouth and eat. It’s getting late.

OH: But if I close my mouth, how will I eat? Better I say ‘Hmm hmm’ as I eat.

Me: (giving up) Whatever!

And the ‘Hmm hmm’ continued all throughout breakfast today.


50 thoughts on “Some OH-isms….

  1. my first time onto ur blog and i should mention how lovely it is.. esp this one brought back a lotta memories.. reminds me of me and a friend..the pair was famous for making up stories in a jif (we always won story writing competitions, we actually did use some of our imagination for our dept to score during arts festivals πŸ˜‰ ) , for framing full forms of abbreviations, and for bringing up jokes from nowhere.. just like OH does.. but after marriage we hardly managed to be in touch and now after long when this post reminded me of him,i have to give him a call.. thanks TGND


  2. I had the best laugh today. Thanks to OH, and to you too. Reminds me of my nephew, and bit me(only the child-like part, I ain’t married..:P).

    And I have just one sentence for ppl like us, “Growing old is inevitable but Growing-up, well, its optional”…:D


  3. Oh i could feel the same element of fun when hubby is around…he dances,he sings,makes up witty comments…OMG !! And know what when anyone enquires us about having a kid…he promptly answers ‘i myself am a kid’ ! It’s kind of special to have such entertaining kiddish husbands hai na πŸ˜‰
    Thoroughly enjoyed ur OH-isms !!! Look forward to more !!!


    1. @Aame

      Good to know you could relate to my post. πŸ™‚

      Yes, it is indeed special to have kiddish husbands around; you have a ready excuse for those ‘well-wishers’ who keep asking when you are going to have a kid. πŸ˜‰


      1. Errr…just to let you guys know *OH are you listening* Even after having a kid, I dont think any improvements are noticed!

        RD: I want more of that chocolate
        RM: What, you are the father, how can you ask?
        RD: So what, even I want, you gave her two and gave me only one why?

        There, who is the three year old I wonder?


  4. hehe…………So many similarities between your OH and my man! And the water and switching off the lights ritual- Same here πŸ˜€
    But the best part about your OH is he reads your blog! I have to bribe him to read mine 😦
    This post makes me want to write my experiences πŸ˜€


    1. @R’s Mom

      Oh, this guy is worse than 3 kids put together. I have decided that the next time someone asks me when I am going to have a kid, I am going to tell them I already have one!

      Will post the Undhiyu recipe soon.:)


  5. Hey Beanie,

    You really asked me what to wear for the gettogether? Oh my God! you asked me thrice and I still dint realise it. Thats bad! Work has occupied my mind so much. I guess I need a break now.



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