Beatrix Potter: A Journal

My love for journals and scrapbooks is not new. So, recently, when I found this unique book, Beatrix Potter: A Journal, on an e-commerce website, I placed an order immediately. I received the book yesterday, and read it within a couple of hours. The joy of reading it, though, will stay with me for a long time to come.

Beatrix Potter: A Journal, as the name suggests, is a journal maintained by the famous children’s author Beatrix Potter in her youth. Beatrix is known for her Peter Rabbit series of books, and her journal gives an insight into how she came up with the character. She has also written about how she went on to illustrate her own books, and the inspiration behind some other characters in her books.

The journal is apparently a work of fiction based on Beatrix Potter’s original letters and journal entries. It has been made just like an actual scrapbook, and is extremely charming. It has maps and diagrams and letters and catalogues and what not! A scrapbook with letters in hand print and an insight into a writer’s life – how can I resist the charm of that? I was thrilled to see an envelope in the book, from which you can pull out a letter and read it in Beatrix’s own handwriting and have the pleasure of viewing some illustrations made by her.

The journal speaks about Beatrix falling in love for the first time ever, and her love for flora and fauna, her buying her first-ever house in the countryside, and her publishing her first-ever book. It took me back to my own childhood, when I used to make up stories about the plants and animals and people around me, and imagined little fairies and goblins and pixies coming out of their hiding places to play after the humans had gone off to sleep (all thanks to Enid Blyton!)

Beatrix Potter: A Journal is a collector’s item for sure. It is a beautiful book, full of vintage eye candy, with even the size of it like an actual scrapbook. There is a cutesy little compartment in the end, with a small Peter Rabbit book inside it – part of the special edition that Beatrix initially had printed.

It is a book meant to delight the senses, specially if you love peeking into the lives of writers, vintage memorabilia and scrapbooks and journals. I would highly recommend it to children and adults alike.

As for me, I have kept this one in my treasure chest, and look forward to reading it some day with my child/children. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter: A Journal

  1. I would relish this journal as well. I loved some of her animal characters as a child, and still do. The illustrations are so finely detailed and wonderful.


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