Some days

A piece of driftwood

Is all I want to be



By the current

Any which way


No fight

No resistance

I just want to drift away


To foreign shores


To ones that are known


All I want to be

Is a piece of driftwood

Some days


12 thoughts on “Driftwood

  1. Going with the flow, with what life hands us is so easy, isn’t it!

    Sometimes I force myself to question things, to not accept what comes my way! Because sometimes we deserve more!

    Lovely lines! 🙂


    1. @Dreamer

      Thank you, Dreamer! 🙂

      Usually, I do fight my circumstances as best as I can, and I usually gain more in the process than I had bargained for. But then, sometimes, I just want to be a piece of driftwood. 🙂


  2. Well…I will be a bad piece of driftwood..who will fight with RD if there is no resistance in me 😉

    loved loved loved what you wrote 🙂


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