Random thoughts…

~ Both the OH and me have the day off work today, it being International Workers’ Day. And for the life of us, we cannot think of anything to do with the free time we have on hand today!! I mean, when we are so hard-pressed for time that even eating a meal is difficult, we have ideas of going to this park and that lake and that temple and this friend’s house, but when we are totally, absolutely free, no such idea enters our head!! Why?

~ The OH returned from a week-long work trip last Friday. The week that he wasn’t at home was the most horrible week of my life. I missed him like crazy, and just about everything that could go wrong at home and work went wrong. I was super exhausted and stressed out till he came back and sorted things out a bit. Why am I suddenly surrounded by problems just when the OH is not around? Is nature conspiring against me or something?

~ To rub salt to my wounds, the OH was working at Ahmedabad, of all places. A couple of days, he stayed over at my parents’ place there. My parents showered all their love and affection on their darling son-in-law, making him feel at home and cooking his favourite dishes for him, while I made a line of Maggi cups on my kitchen counter, adding one almost every night. The Maggi cups remind me of this song I used to be crazy about in my college days, from some album I don’t remember the name of, where the hero works in a cafe and collects all the cups that his lady love drinks coffee from.

~ My parents sent me one huge bag of goodies from Ahmedabad through the OH, with loads of my favourite Gujarati foodstuff – both home-cooked and store-bought. Aam ras, handwa, tomato sev, thepla, farali chevdo, gota, masala shing, khari shing, and packets of bhajiya and khaman batter. I didn’t have to cook at home for two days after that! I loved, loved, loved everything, and thanked air travel for being able to enjoy mom’s thepla and handwo and fresh aam ras from Ahmedabad in Bangalore. Everything was just awesomely droolicious, I tell you!

~ My mom, being the mom that she is, sent me a mango from the first lot of the season that they bought back home. The OH and I chomped down on it to the last bit. And, oh, I have got a couple of months’ supply of various chutneys and pickles and cooking powders.

~ I was immensely touched to see that mom remembered to send me the chutney that they get to eat with the store-bought gotas. She remembered that I love the chutney more than I love the gotas.

~ I had asked the OH to get me some of the toys that I used to play with in my childhood. I had packed them up in a bag and preserved them in the loft before marriage. The OH, being the OH, obliged his mad wife. I now have a cutesy little kitchen set before me, which never fails to make me smile every time I look at it.

~ There is something comforting about you cooking the very same dishes that your mom used to cook back home, and their turning out exactly the same way. I learnt the recipes for vepam-poo (neem flower) rasam and venn pongal from mom and made them at home. I loved the experience. Brought back fond memories of home.

~ There’s a wedding coming up in the family next Monday, and I am so looking forward to the festivities. I can’t wait to get mehendi on my hands!

~ Wanderlust has struck me hard of late, and I am desperate to get out of home. I don’t care where we are going, as long as we have fun, and it is out of Bangalore! There are a lot of things to be sorted out before we leave on a vacation, though. Sigh!

Well, that’s that for now, folks! How have you been?

24 thoughts on “Random thoughts…

  1. I love this post! From food to wedding to mehendi- everything about it!
    This post makes me hungry too but I am glad I tried everything mentioned above.
    Old toys- I am getting mine in the next trip 😀


    1. @Confused D

      Thank you! 🙂

      You’ve tried all the dishes mentioned here? Wow! Are you a Gujju by any chance?

      You too planning to get your old toys? That is indeed something to treasure, hai na?


      1. Well not Gujju but Marwari 🙂
        Gujju and Marwari are similar in many ways 🙂
        Indeed it is, I am getting my old books too. Ah! I love the smell of old books!


  2. Been missing from the last couple of days, I don’t know if you missed me here or not… but I missed two wonderful posts… 🙂 This one is a gem… though I am not a gujarati myself, I have many friends who are and they keep bringing all the yummy stuff you mentioned….

    watching the old kitchen set must be a real treat, isn’t it!


  3. Thats the thing with weekday holidays. Nothing will strike – where to go, what to do. While we wait for the 5 day gruelling week to end, Saturday and Sunday are bliss. But a holiday in the middle of a week does not fit in any plan at all.

    Oh gosh…the things you mentioned are absolutely drool worthy…..super mom’s darling daughter 😉

    wish i had that chutney with gota now 😦

    Have fun in the wedding 😉


    1. @Visha

      Thank you, Visha! 🙂

      Oh, we have this problem with each and every holiday, irrespective of whether it is in the middle of the week or the end of the week. 😛 We take so much time in deciding when and where to go out that the holiday is almost over by the time we come up with a plan. 😀

      Do try out these Gujju delicacies if you can lay your hands on them. They’re absolutely droolicious! 🙂


  4. TGND,

    I typed a comment yesterday morning but I had some trouble with my browser and it may not have come across.
    I loved the post. The goodies, the mehendi, the joy of meeting cousins, dressing up and all that fun makes me want to book my flight NOW !
    You have a wonderful time. And share your mehendi, ya?


      1. He he, ya yesterday the browser was playing up at my end. yay to the rescue op 😛

        Okai okai. I am sure your mehendi will come out well. Make hubby pamper you lots and the colour should be the resultant of your expectations 😛

        Have fun TGND 🙂


  5. GAH! to you….you got so much back from Ahm…I am jealous :(:( Today everyone’s posts is just making me so jealous

    Glad aunty could send across so much and sweet of OH to carry everything back

    The maggi cups should be given as a gift to OH for leaving you and going 🙂


  6. Wow! that’s lot of things to be excited about…a generous dose of mum made goodies and chutneys, mangoes, enjoying at a wedding and getting ready for a vacation 😀 😀 😀
    Hope you have a great time and enjoy getting your hands decorated with Mehndi 😀


    1. @My Era

      Yup, a lot to be excited about after a particularly stressful period in life. 🙂

      I am not getting ready for a vacation yet, lady. I am just dreaming of one! 😐 Gah!

      Thank you!


  7. The song is from ‘Aryans’ album and needless to mention I like it too, now listening to it reminds me of those days 🙂

    aww @ the cutesy kitchen…I too had it..and I guess it must be with someone in the family since it got handed down to lot of cousins in a row 🙂

    you bet about the dishes that turn out exactly like mum…you feel you’ve come around a bit at least like her 🙂

    mehendi? tell me about it! I love it to the core…last week when I was at my brother’s for a function even having Chirpy around I insisted that I put the mehendi even if that meant not being able to keep the hand dry for hours…but at least I got mehendi done on my hands,the pleasure is inexpressible 🙂


    1. @Scribby

      Listening to that song brought back many fond memories for me too! 🙂

      I passed on all my toys to the kids in my family, but kept some things safe – I had a dream of my kid/s playing with them someday. 🙂

      I so get what you mean about the dishes that turn out exactly the way mom made them!

      I love, love, love mehendi. Can’t wait for it to decorate my hands for the wedding. 🙂


      1. and I wonder how we all became friends because I HATE mehendi..the only time I put it was during my wedding and that too had RD telling me that my hands were smelly! So we are definitely two of a kind 🙂

        Hope your Mehendi turns out great

        @Scribby: I bow to thee..for putting mehendi with Chirpy around…I havent put mehendi in FOUR years now!!! *Not that I want to*


  8. I’m so Jealous! It’s May Day and I’m in office. The result of a client emergency! 😦

    But this is so true! I keep thinking of going places but when the time actually comes, I’m clueless as to what to do! Hope you get to go somewhere! At least someone will be enjoying their day off!!

    I’m the first!! Yayy!! 🙂

    Happy Holiday!!


    1. @Dreamer

      Yes, you are first! 🙂

      So sorry that you had to spend yesterday in office. 😦

      We decided to go to Forum Mall yesterday, and then returned home late in the night after having dinner outside. It was fun. 🙂


  9. TGND,

    I loved reading your post. I haven’t eaten any of that you mentioned 😦 Handwa, aamras nothing 😦 It is such a big relief to make something your mom makes and it turns out somewhat similar to what ma makes, so so true ! I still feel I can never replicate her somehow – I always feel even the simplest (yet superb) rasam fails to taste alike. They add that extra ingredient of love and care in such high doses that……
    ah, this makes me want to book a flight right now.
    Nothingness is beautiful – you enjoy with OH, TGND :)) and maybe share your mehendi? 🙂


    1. @Kismi

      Thank you so much, Kismi! 🙂

      Yes, there is something special about making food that turns out exactly the way mom used to make it. 🙂

      Do visit India soon, and do try out all these Gujarati delicacies while you are here. 😀

      Yup, I will put up pics of the mehendi. If it turns out well. 😛


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