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After a long, long, long time, I am listening to music today. Really, properly listening, and not the sort of hurried-hearing-while-doing-chores kind of listening. And I am loving it.

I am playing my personal favourites from the past couple of years, and rediscovering the lyrics and the beauty of the music. I feel I have been stuck in a time warp or something, I don’t know many of the songs that are ruling the roost in 2012. Most of the ‘latest’ songs that I like are from 2009, 2010 and 2011. Please to excuse if you find that my playlist is not current. What you could do is send me a list your favourite ‘current’ songs. I would love to listen to them.

So, what’s on my playlist today?

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta

I am tripping over this song, totally. LOVE it. Love the meaning of it, the music, the lyrics, everything.

I didn’t know what ‘Raabta’ was when I listened to this song for the first time, but it became clearer as the song progressed. I am assuming it means a ‘relationship’ or a ‘connection’.

Faya kun

I love the Sufi touch of this song. It makes me want to give up all my worries, and just…. be. I love the depth in this song. The song speaks to a part of me that is weary, listless, and wants to believe that there is magic in the world.

Again, I didn’t know what ‘Faya kun’ was. I googled up the phrase, and understood that it has to do with the creation of the world. When God first thought of creating the world, he just said ‘Be!’, and the world was.

Yun hi

I love this song for its simplistic beauty and the innocence of love. This song, I feel, is light as a feather, yet pretty enough to catch your heart.

Tu na jaane aas paas hai khuda

Another song with a spiritual feel, I love this for its profound meaning. I love the way I can think of this song and come up with so many, different meanings.

Ainwayi ainwayi

This one is fun, bubbly, laughing, teasing. Reason enough to love it.

‘Chai mein dooba biskut ho gaya’ has become one of my favourite expressions. It becomes my status message when I am having a ‘chai-mein-dooba-biskut’ kind of day.

Te amo

I find this one magical, light-hearted, and lovely. I’m intoxicated by the loveliness of the phrase ‘Te amo’.

Tera hone laga hoon

This has been a favourite ever since I heard it a couple of years back. It is not spectacular or anything, but the simple and love-filled lyrics appeal to the mush lover in me.

Tu hi haqueeqat

Mush galore! I love the lyrics of this one.

Aadha ishq aadha hai

I love the way the ‘about to fall in love’ stage is portrayed in this song. Sweet!

I like the pair that Anushka and Ranveer make in the movie, too. They seem to fit together.


LOVE. I am in love with the beautiful imagery that this song creates in my head – of the music of an ‘iktara’ playing in the background, while a lady and a gentleman meet against the backdrop of a beach, and their eyes soundlessly meet. The Indian equivalent of ‘violins playing in the background when you meet your true love’, eh?

Pee loon

This song always takes me back to our visit to Lonavala and Khandala in the peak of monsoon. This song takes on an entirely new meaning when played at a moderate volume inside a cosy shed in the middle of the mountains, when rain is pouring outside, washing the mountains.

That’s that for now people. While I rediscover music and fall in love with it all over again, do you have any suggestions for me? What is on your playlist?


18 thoughts on “On my playlist

  1. Havent heard the first few songs – am assuming they are from Rockstar. But all the other songs – my fave too 🙂

    Then try listening to the songs from Dil toh Baccha hai ji – liking them now -though may not be the latest!


    1. @Lifeslittletwists

      Oh, only the Faya Kun song is from Rockstar. The others (from the first few) are from different movies.

      I have heard Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji from Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji, and loved it. 🙂 Somehow, didn’t put it up on this list. Yet to listen to other songs from the same movie.


  2. Nice playlist you have dear 🙂

    I would suggest you listen to Pareshaan(Ishaqzaade) , Pehli Baar Mohabbat ki hai(Kaminey), Saibo(Shor in the city), Gal mithi mithi bol(Aisha)



    1. @Visha

      Thank you! 🙂

      I have heard Pehli Baar Mohabbat and Gal Mithi Mithi, and like both. In fact, I was about to put up Pehli Baar Mohabbat on this list, but somehow decided against it. 🙂

      Will check out the other two songs that you suggest.


  3. I love most of them here and the ones I don’t love are the ones I haven’t listened to which is what I am going to do 🙂

    An awesome share. Music, what bliss! There’s something for every mood 🙂 And they all uplift you and how !

    Thanks ! 🙂


  4. Ok…so we have very similar taste in music 🙂 I LOVE all these songs…right now “Yun Hi” is a hot favourite and I listen to it atleast twice everyday – so soulful, poetic. One of Mohit Chauhan’s best, IMHO. And Aadha ishq is a lovely number too, the pre-falling-in-love phase is sooo amazing 🙂 Btw have you heard this song “Sawan Barse” from an obscure movie called “Dahek”? I love it too, very romantic.
    The Raabta number is very nice. So many people in the blogosphere have been raving about it but I managed to listen to it only here.


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