New moon

The new moon

Peeps out

Shy, as if,

From behind fluffy clouds,

A new wife

Flushed with new love


For her beloved to get home.

PS: The moon was looking SO beautiful yesterday night that I couldn’t help but ogle at her all the way back home from work. Neither could I resist penning this down. πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “New moon

    1. @Visha

      I would have loved to! Unfortunately, my camera does not take very good pictures of the moon. Let’s just say pics from my camera do not do justice to the beauty of the moon in reality. 😦


  1. Can you delete the previous comment???

    wanted to comment earlier too..this WP is acting up..i don’t like to sign in with my WP username for the simple reason that I don’t use that account..hmpf!

    now about this post: lovely! I too noticed the lovely moon and your lovely poem just did full justice to its beauty..:-)


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