WW 36: The plait flower

Shot at Kamat Lokaruchi, Mysore Road. 🙂

I fell in love with the bright red and the plait shape of this flower the moment I saw it for the first time, years ago, at someone’s place in Chennai. Our host told us the flower is called ‘Bride’s Plait’, which I think is an apt and very pretty name for it. I tried searching for the flower’s name on the internet, but didn’t find any mention anywhere. I have always referred to it as ‘the plait flower’ since.

If anyone knows what this plant/flower is called, please do enlighten me!


26 thoughts on “WW 36: The plait flower

      1. Brilliant. Living in the UK, it’s a bit of a challenge getting to acclimatise south Asian plants to the UK climate. That said, I have been successful in acclimatising Guava plant here in the UK and this is it’s second year of growth. I struggling with a Mango tree at the moment and I shall add this plant to struggle.

        Indeed, I’ll try getting hold of this plant here in the UK (very much doubt it) and I may need to get someone to bring it over on their next visit to India or South Asia – and if I do get it to grow I shall keep you informed.


  1. It is called heliconia and comes in a few other hues, variations. A pretty flower, takes time to grow and flower but also stays for a long time. Nice picture!


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