Guest Post: Melanie Bowen

Melanie Bowen is an awareness advocate for natural health and holistic therapies for cancer patients. You will often find her highlighting the great benefits of different nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those with illness in her efforts to increase attentiveness and responsiveness on like topics. Here, she will be writing about the benefits of tracking your thoughts and goals—thoughts are merely thoughts but writing is the first step to taking action, organizing oneself and being proactive.

The fragile and fleeting nature of life is what, in large part, makes visible its beauty.  The time that every individual has is worth cherishing. Learning how to set goals that truly mean something to you is vital to finding purpose and enjoyment in your days.  Creating blogs that chronicle your journey through your most trying years will enable you to persevere in your efforts to make the most of you, in spite of the troubles that come rolling your way.

The secret to living a fulfilling life is learning how to remain positive throughout negative experiences.  Creating a blog that allows you to work your way through tough places  will help you to find a positive mindset that will enable you to foster your dreams most effectively.  People who have successfully mastered this skill are able to courageously forge on, in spite of any negative prognosis they receive.  Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one, have forms of financial stress, or learning to live with a major illness such as mesothelioma, individuals must maintain the need and discover how to keep their minds and hearts focused on the positive aspects of life.  This mindset allows them to proceed with determined action towards accomplishing their personal goals in spite of the obstacles that lie in the way.

Refresh Your Mind And Help Others

Much like journal-keeping, blogging enables people to unload their fears and share their thoughts.  Without a doubt, hardship has the ability to transform the mind and as people weather their personal storms in life, they can share the inevitable growth that occurs with others like themselves through their blog entries.  A single, heartfelt blog entry can dramatically alter another individual’s life and so in many ways, blogging is also cathartic in that reminds people that they are still invaluable additions to the world as a whole; able to contribute to it and improve upon it.

Staying The Course

Not everyone is able to remain uplifted everyday, regardless of diligent efforts to stay positive and to view the proverbial cup as being at least half full.  Life is never without its ups and downs.  A comprehensive cache of blog entries can remind you about the journey that you have taken and the accomplishments that remain important to you.  It is generally the case that staying the course becomes easiest when people use their own records of their personal journeys as their continual personal guides.  Goal setting through blogs is one of the best ways to continually reassess your priorities in life and make certain that you are taking the right steps for fulfilling your life dreams.   Accomplishing the things that matter to you most is the easiest path towards a healthy and fulfilling life and one that will be richly rewarding.


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